College Diaries

It’s the era of youth and how it will be without the celebration? Celebration small small reasons is the part of life that keeps it going and going!

As the team Fame Shutter includes the people from the colleges especially comes from the engineering, we have lots of days to celebrate. Yet, traditional is the most favorite day of all of us. Yep that’s right, because of the girls in the various traditional look and also we get chance to make lots of photos and shoots during this!

From 2 colleges we tried to capture this moments. One was completely random time, no preparations or scripting or anything from TKIET, Warananagar. It got pretty good response hence now we did proper preparations about what we can do and then we start shooting! KIT’s traditional shoot making us grow more and more.. Let’s hope that it goes more viral ahead.

The key for these according to our philosophy is that emotion. We do shoot most of our work with Nikon D7000 with AF-S 18-105mm VR II Kit Lens and Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G along with Canon EOS 700D with its Both are good at its work. Yeah the better gears gives better quality but with our limited gears still we are managing the way to give optimum quality and also with the reasonable price.

The output videos are as follows.

This one is our first try..

The properly prepared and one of our milestone to boom


As this word comes up we just imagine the seashore and the fish food. But the Kokan is much more than just this. It’s like it’s different world out there!

As we go downside from the ghats of the western maharashtra, the new world, new heaven awaits. The relaxed lifestyle of the people, amazing food and also that sweet tone of the kokani marathi is just pleasures.

As we travel a lot and also its just 100 km away, we always sneak out for a day or two and go to beach. Just nearly 3 hours of travel. That journey is also filled with the curvy roads with tree covering all the road. The natural spotlights with delightful as the child’s smile and the love of the fresh air free from the urban pollution. It’s just refreshing!

We believe enjoying the moment is must then comes the recording it!

Yeah, even though its our job to record still we live with this philosophy. Enjoy the moment to the fullest and enjoy the making memories. Here comes the twist as filming and recording is also part of our type of enjoy. So, we do capture what feels to the heart.

We will be keeping update about our travel logs and the fun we do. Here is our first try to film the fun part.

We suggest that to plan the trips ahead here. And please be equipped with the proper gears before biking.
Travel Accessories collection

The complete road of the Aamba Ghat.. national highway connecting Kolhapur and Ratnagiri.  Hope you guys like it and let us know more about topics you guys want us to shoot or cover. We will glad to take look at it. Till that, grab a popcorn and enjoy the road… lot will be coming ahead! Love to all!