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Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan!

Short film makings:

That short film making lead to the 2 short films. First one was the Karvand and the second one was the short commercial purpose video Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan 2016. It was actually for the reason of the Clean India Campaign. The competitions was organised by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Swacch Bharat Short Film Festival.

We got news from the friend who was interested to participate in it. He asked us to lead to make the video making of the concept. The brilliant guy behind this concept was Suyash. At the tight time of just a 4 hours we had to finish the whole game. What we had was just an concept which can be good to promote the Clean India.

Whole shoot was carried out in the Latur City. Sadly, whole city appears like immersed in the garbage in morning. The roads are flooded with plastic bags. No sign of single proper dust-bin not at shops nor in nearly all over city. We were finding location to shoot near garbage pick-up but it was not possible as there were nothing.

The dog and the child actor Rudra.. Interesting chemistry. We introduced them to each other and just in 10 mins they were actually behaving as like the buddies. And that chemistry gave us the success.

We were glad that our film is been completed in time but then the grand news as our Indian Postal Department brought the certificate of excellence to the name of our Cinematographer and Editor Varun!


The celebration moment..  With okay type gears and just 4 hours to assemble required material and making this video was pretty tough challenge. We were trying out best but today we’re just amazed that YES!  WE DID! We have some potential.

The link to the video we made is here.


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