Film making : Karvand

Karvand: Our first short film

Yeah, we finally released the short film for the public views!

The one of the awaited thing for our subscribers and also for the fans of the fame shutter from the colleges to our clients!

It was adventurous journey of the making of short film. We were just learning about the whole new category with fresh ideas. Not even aware of the use of reflectors! The whole shoot of the short film was been on just ambient natural light. No external lights, not even reflectors were present. Had just 2 cameras Nikon D7000 and Canon 6D both with 50mm f1.8. and yeah the Panasonic handy-cam. Just with this we completed short film. Main issue was about the budget. That issue gave us challenge.

Location with outdoor shoot was pretty remote from people. So, no tea break, no extra water apart from carried drinking water bottles, no snacks or nothing!

We’re glad to say that we did completed that challenge! Yeah, We know we have lots of flaws in it but still we did complete it. While looking back to it again, we feel that it’s too much beginners work, those flaws and immature working.

The story and shot selection is the main key for film and we did it right. Due to lack of knowledge of the lightning and also the golden rules for filming we did mess up some things. First time editing experience was pretty much awful. Tremendous data and revising all the story-line again and again in mind to use proper video shot at proper time was huge challenge. I remember 193 video shots was used at single time for editing. I prepared timeline and the machine froze due to excessive use of the processor! Those frighting moment for whole crew which was sat beside me for straight 9 hours was actually made us miss a heartbeat for some minutes.

Actors: The lead actor was actually playing out cricket in the local ground we performed the audition! Another one was actually selected because he look ill. While shooting, there was no actress and our lead actor was hoping to have romantic scene! No budget, so, no costumes but our own!

First output for was of 25 minutes and 56 seconds to be exact. We took that file and went to our music director and first thing we got as chop down the length. He did not even watch but just blew us away saying, “Just make it less than 20 minutes and then come to me”

Again new challenge,

Same night I was planned to make it work. It was tough task to reduce nearly 6 minutes from the already compressed story-line. I was pretty much frustrated to again re-edit the whole short film. It took me more than 16 hours to make 25 minutes 57 second to 19 minutes and 47 seconds! I was sitting straight 16 hours. That sound sleep after that tremendous pressure, Ah! That calm sleep.

The deadlines for the various festivals and running between the college schedules and shooting time was much exhausting. In time of the total 1 month span for the making, i literally lost 6 kg weight!

Some fights between crew and director. Then, leaking the main file before submission to the event. Lot’s of hurdles were there. But, it all just vanished when the news arrived that we got “Best Jury Mention Award” in the “2nd International Short Film Festival Pune.”

Yeah its regional than actual international! I know. But when you know no shit of the film-making, no budget, no equipment, no experience in any sense of making film. IT WAS HUGE!!

23 While filming


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