Off road travel

We were in the Solapur city for shooting the promotional video for the political campaign for the elections last week. All things were going in schedule and then we got to see this monster!

It’s Mahindra classic which is been modified for the off road. Just couldn’t take eyes from it. The late night ride in it was just amazing and then we decide to make a short video of it. In all the tight schedule for the shooting the political campaign, lots of interviews and the site visits for the workplaces also going through various records for data collection to put up in the video. Scripting and all other pre-production activities were going on. We had just 2 people for cinematography and just one extra hand for the other activities.

After we covered the major part from our work we decide to give a shot to make the video of the car. And more like just 20 mins we had give or take 5 extra for lighting condition. And the output is here.

It just amazing car, increased ride height, bigger air intake and also introducing turbo charged for greater power. Just to touch the accelerator and it actually doing wheelie. Sadly, we missed that shot! But we will always remember the ride. Quite a bumpy but who cares on Off-road! It literally climbed on the inclined patch of 30 degree! Specially made alloyed wheels were imported and whole modification was done in Kolhapur. That’s another reason why we did the video. Its from our town!

So, the video link is here. Don’t forget to give the feedback.

Music… Rush… and Enthusiasm!

Hi guys,

Seriously first sorry that being late to post about whats going on. But it was practically too tight working hours were going on.

Let’s come to the topic.

Yeah, Music!

It’s one of the greatest gift we have. It does too much important part in video making as well as the making emotion of the situation. We did attend few live concerts, some of the road shows for obviously photos and videos and really it drives crazy.. That rush driving each and every person. The cheering people.. It was just amazing.

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Here, we are sharing some of the snaps from events. Let us know more about it.

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The road shows of the Dhol-Tasha troops

From the same event. #shivswarajya #Canon #candid #expressions #iop #dhol #fameshutter

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to the Live concert of Yeshuaa ministries…

Posted by Varun Shinde on Saturday, March 11, 2017

and then open club in Ganesh Visarjan rally.. Just amazing moments.