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Short film… The makings

Well, this short film making is some serious work. As we had some sort of experienced with the videography but seriously saying. When script is kinda in starting phase its really tough to workout. We are working with deadlines regarding to our upcoming project and even though its just one night before starting the shoot yet, we are at this stage where script is changing with each minute due to the need of moment of surprise.

Here is what we have learnt from this experimenting.

  1. It’s easy to even record the scenes but what you need at first is powerful script or story.
  2. While working with the story, keep the flow bit simple.
  3. Remember that it’s short film, not a movie. People can anyway left out while watching your work.Keep them engaging is the main target.
  4. Short film: Keep in time bond (mostly in between 8 mins to 25 mins)
  5. Music plays much important role in presentation. As we have limited time we need it to be impressive and hence music works great to create a atmoshphere where person can enjoy the depth of the film. So, background music especially is lot more essential for the short film.
  6. Now, it comes to the video. Prefer with the manual focus to the DSLRs. We completed our most project with only DSLRs only. We believe that DSLRs are perfect to video recording only with some equipments need to be with it as proper lenses, set of filters, sound recording equipments.( Once on the show we forgot to bring the external mice. Earphones with the mice are good options in such situations but its good to be with proper gears.)
  7. Always maintain your flavour. Refer the other short films but never try to make like any one.

Editing is also plays an important role in the short film. Always try to keep ratio of mostly 25:1 or 50:1 at least i.e., 25 mins of exposing to the 1 minute in final short film output.

And at the end of the whole of this formal advice thing. Enjoy the creation process.Everything is less important than that. 😛

Let’s see. Will be keeping you guys in touch. Love to all.


Varun S. Shinde



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