Karveer Nad with Fame Shutter…

Our first work with the event shoot is live now. Full movie will be live very soon.

The traditional Dhole-Tasha pathak Karveer Nad from kolhpaur had its first show on 26th Jan. We are very thankful to them for letting us chance to shoot the event for them.

It was great experience to work with the team Karveer Nad. Whole performance was actually mind blowing.

Whole music and that passion for it was unbelievable, especially from women members of the team. All were with full energy till end of the show.

In words of one of member of the team Sham patil: “अवघ ‪कोल्हापूर रस्त्यावर अवतरल.. ‪‎ढोल ‪ताशांच्या आवाजात ‪‎गुंग होऊन गेल..आपल्या कामात ‪‎व्यस्त कोल्हापूर तेंव्हा जरा ‪‎मोकळ मोकळ वाटल..सगळ काही विसरून ‪‎करवीर ‪‎नाद बनून राहिल…”


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