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It’s the era of youth and how it will be without the celebration? Celebration small small reasons is the part of life that keeps it going and going!

As the team Fame Shutter includes the people from the colleges especially comes from the engineering, we have lots of days to celebrate. Yet, traditional is the most favorite day of all of us. Yep that’s right, because of the girls in the various traditional look and also we get chance to make lots of photos and shoots during this!

From 2 colleges we tried to capture this moments. One was completely random time, no preparations or scripting or anything from TKIET, Warananagar. It got pretty good response hence now we did proper preparations about what we can do and then we start shooting! KIT’s traditional shoot making us grow more and more.. Let’s hope that it goes more viral ahead.

The key for these according to our philosophy is that emotion. We do shoot most of our work with Nikon D7000 with AF-S 18-105mm VR II Kit Lens and Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G along with Canon EOS 700D with its Both are good at its work. Yeah the better gears gives better quality but with our limited gears still we are managing the way to give optimum quality and also with the reasonable price.

The output videos are as follows.

This one is our first try..

The properly prepared and one of our milestone to boom

Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan!

That short film making lead to the 2 short films. First one was the Karvand and the second one was the short commercial purpose video Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan 2016. It was actually for the reason of the Clean India Campaign. The competitions was organised by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Swacch Bharat Short Film Festival.

We got news from the friend who was interested to participate in it. He asked us to lead to make the video making of the concept. The brilliant guy behind this concept was Suyash. At the tight time of just a 4 hours we had to finish the whole game. What we had was just an concept which can be good to promote the Clean India.

Whole shoot was carried out in the Latur City. Sadly, whole city appears like immersed in the garbage in morning. The roads are flooded with plastic bags. No sign of single proper dust-bin not at shops nor in nearly all over city. We were finding location to shoot near garbage pick-up but it was not possible as there were nothing.

The dog and the child actor Rudra.. Interesting chemistry. We introduced them to each other and just in 10 mins they were actually behaving as like the buddies. And that chemistry gave us the success.

We were glad that our film is been completed in time but then the grand news as our Indian Postal Department brought the certificate of excellence to the name of our Cinematographer and Editor Varun!


The celebration moment..  With okay type gears and just 4 hours to assemble required material and making this video was pretty tough challenge. We were trying out best but today we’re just amazed that YES!  WE DID! We have some potential.

The link to the video we made is here.

Karvand: Our first short film

Yeah, we finally released the short film for the public views!

The one of the awaited thing for our subscribers and also for the fans of the fame shutter from the colleges to our clients!

It was adventurous journey of the making of short film. We were just learning about the whole new category with fresh ideas. Not even aware of the use of reflectors! The whole shoot of the short film was been on just ambient natural light. No external lights, not even reflectors were present. Had just 2 cameras Nikon D7000 and Canon 6D both with 50mm f1.8. and yeah the Panasonic handy-cam. Just with this we completed short film. Main issue was about the budget. That issue gave us challenge.

Location with outdoor shoot was pretty remote from people. So, no tea break, no extra water apart from carried drinking water bottles, no snacks or nothing!

We’re glad to say that we did completed that challenge! Yeah, We know we have lots of flaws in it but still we did complete it. While looking back to it again, we feel that it’s too much beginners work, those flaws and immature working.

The story and shot selection is the main key for film and we did it right. Due to lack of knowledge of the lightning and also the golden rules for filming we did mess up some things. First time editing experience was pretty much awful. Tremendous data and revising all the story-line again and again in mind to use proper video shot at proper time was huge challenge. I remember 193 video shots was used at single time for editing. I prepared timeline and the machine froze due to excessive use of the processor! Those frighting moment for whole crew which was sat beside me for straight 9 hours was actually made us miss a heartbeat for some minutes.

Actors: The lead actor was actually playing out cricket in the local ground we performed the audition! Another one was actually selected because he look ill. While shooting, there was no actress and our lead actor was hoping to have romantic scene! No budget, so, no costumes but our own!

First output for was of 25 minutes and 56 seconds to be exact. We took that file and went to our music director and first thing we got as chop down the length. He did not even watch but just blew us away saying, “Just make it less than 20 minutes and then come to me”

Again new challenge,

Same night I was planned to make it work. It was tough task to reduce nearly 6 minutes from the already compressed story-line. I was pretty much frustrated to again re-edit the whole short film. It took me more than 16 hours to make 25 minutes 57 second to 19 minutes and 47 seconds! I was sitting straight 16 hours. That sound sleep after that tremendous pressure, Ah! That calm sleep.

The deadlines for the various festivals and running between the college schedules and shooting time was much exhausting. In time of the total 1 month span for the making, i literally lost 6 kg weight!

Some fights between crew and director. Then, leaking the main file before submission to the event. Lot’s of hurdles were there. But, it all just vanished when the news arrived that we got “Best Jury Mention Award” in the “2nd International Short Film Festival Pune.”

Yeah its regional than actual international! I know. But when you know no shit of the film-making, no budget, no equipment, no experience in any sense of making film. IT WAS HUGE!!

23 While filming



As this word comes up we just imagine the seashore and the fish food. But the Kokan is much more than just this. It’s like it’s different world out there!

As we go downside from the ghats of the western maharashtra, the new world, new heaven awaits. The relaxed lifestyle of the people, amazing food and also that sweet tone of the kokani marathi is just pleasures.

As we travel a lot and also its just 100 km away, we always sneak out for a day or two and go to beach. Just nearly 3 hours of travel. That journey is also filled with the curvy roads with tree covering all the road. The natural spotlights with delightful as the child’s smile and the love of the fresh air free from the urban pollution. It’s just refreshing!

We believe enjoying the moment is must then comes the recording it!

Yeah, even though its our job to record still we live with this philosophy. Enjoy the moment to the fullest and enjoy the making memories. Here comes the twist as filming and recording is also part of our type of enjoy. So, we do capture what feels to the heart.

We will be keeping update about our travel logs and the fun we do. Here is our first try to film the fun part.

We suggest that to plan the trips ahead here. And please be equipped with the proper gears before biking.
Travel Accessories collection

The complete road of the Aamba Ghat.. national highway connecting Kolhapur and Ratnagiri.  Hope you guys like it and let us know more about topics you guys want us to shoot or cover. We will glad to take look at it. Till that, grab a popcorn and enjoy the road… lot will be coming ahead! Love to all!

Off road travel

We were in the Solapur city for shooting the promotional video for the political campaign for the elections last week. All things were going in schedule and then we got to see this monster!

It’s Mahindra classic which is been modified for the off road. Just couldn’t take eyes from it. The late night ride in it was just amazing and then we decide to make a short video of it. In all the tight schedule for the shooting the political campaign, lots of interviews and the site visits for the workplaces also going through various records for data collection to put up in the video. Scripting and all other pre-production activities were going on. We had just 2 people for cinematography and just one extra hand for the other activities.

After we covered the major part from our work we decide to give a shot to make the video of the car. And more like just 20 mins we had give or take 5 extra for lighting condition. And the output is here.

It just amazing car, increased ride height, bigger air intake and also introducing turbo charged for greater power. Just to touch the accelerator and it actually doing wheelie. Sadly, we missed that shot! But we will always remember the ride. Quite a bumpy but who cares on Off-road! It literally climbed on the inclined patch of 30 degree! Specially made alloyed wheels were imported and whole modification was done in Kolhapur. That’s another reason why we did the video. Its from our town!

So, the video link is here. Don’t forget to give the feedback.

Music… Rush… and Enthusiasm!

Hi guys,

Seriously first sorry that being late to post about whats going on. But it was practically too tight working hours were going on.

Let’s come to the topic.

Yeah, Music!

It’s one of the greatest gift we have. It does too much important part in video making as well as the making emotion of the situation. We did attend few live concerts, some of the road shows for obviously photos and videos and really it drives crazy.. That rush driving each and every person. The cheering people.. It was just amazing.

For the record we have lot to share so, keep the space watching and subscribe for upcoming posts for more photos and travel log. Some amazing things are going on and we are keeping it updated to YouTube. Let us know more about it.

Here, we are sharing some of the snaps from events. Let us know more about it.

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The road shows of the Dhol-Tasha troops

From the same event. #shivswarajya #Canon #candid #expressions #iop #dhol #fameshutter

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to the Live concert of Yeshuaa ministries…

Posted by Varun Shinde on Saturday, March 11, 2017

and then open club in Ganesh Visarjan rally.. Just amazing moments.

Short film… The makings

Well, this short film making is some serious work. As we had some sort of experienced with the videography but seriously saying. When script is kinda in starting phase its really tough to workout. We are working with deadlines regarding to our upcoming project and even though its just one night before starting the shoot yet, we are at this stage where script is changing with each minute due to the need of moment of surprise.

Here is what we have learnt from this experimenting.

  1. It’s easy to even record the scenes but what you need at first is powerful script or story.
  2. While working with the story, keep the flow bit simple.
  3. Remember that it’s short film, not a movie. People can anyway left out while watching your work.Keep them engaging is the main target.
  4. Short film: Keep in time bond (mostly in between 8 mins to 25 mins)
  5. Music plays much important role in presentation. As we have limited time we need it to be impressive and hence music works great to create a atmoshphere where person can enjoy the depth of the film. So, background music especially is lot more essential for the short film.
  6. Now, it comes to the video. Prefer with the manual focus to the DSLRs. We completed our most project with only DSLRs only. We believe that DSLRs are perfect to video recording only with some equipments need to be with it as proper lenses, set of filters, sound recording equipments.( Once on the show we forgot to bring the external mice. Earphones with the mice are good options in such situations but its good to be with proper gears.)
  7. Always maintain your flavour. Refer the other short films but never try to make like any one.

Editing is also plays an important role in the short film. Always try to keep ratio of mostly 25:1 or 50:1 at least i.e., 25 mins of exposing to the 1 minute in final short film output.

And at the end of the whole of this formal advice thing. Enjoy the creation process.Everything is less important than that. 😛

Let’s see. Will be keeping you guys in touch. Love to all.


Varun S. Shinde


Karveer Nad with Fame Shutter…

Our first work with the event shoot is live now. Full movie will be live very soon.

The traditional Dhole-Tasha pathak Karveer Nad from kolhpaur had its first show on 26th Jan. We are very thankful to them for letting us chance to shoot the event for them.

It was great experience to work with the team Karveer Nad. Whole performance was actually mind blowing.

Whole music and that passion for it was unbelievable, especially from women members of the team. All were with full energy till end of the show.

In words of one of member of the team Sham patil: “अवघ ‪कोल्हापूर रस्त्यावर अवतरल.. ‪‎ढोल ‪ताशांच्या आवाजात ‪‎गुंग होऊन गेल..आपल्या कामात ‪‎व्यस्त कोल्हापूर तेंव्हा जरा ‪‎मोकळ मोकळ वाटल..सगळ काही विसरून ‪‎करवीर ‪‎नाद बनून राहिल…”